What is MyMathCalculator?

MyMathCalculator is a new website about mathematics. We want to show you how you can perform basic arithmetic operations. We give you instructions and you can check your results with the help of our calculators. This helps you to have the right results, no matter if you are studying or doing your homework at school, but also to be able to follow the way of calculation in case of mistakes. The website is under constant development and we are looking for people who want to become part of MyMathCalculator. The calculators are mainly programmed with Javascript. We would be very happy to get new calculators from you. With pleasure also with suitable instructions to increase our portfolio. Write us therefore gladly a message.

Who are we?

Currently we are students in the field of computer science. However, we want to help ourselves and other people in the same situations and improve the world. Therefore we build useful tools in our spare time.


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